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The First Black Man to Summit Mt. Everest | Sibusiso Vilane

Episode Summary

Sibusiso Vilane is a name everyone should know. On May 26th, 2003, he became the first Black person to summit Mount Everest. He climbed down the mountain a transformed man and hasn’t looked back since. He was born in rural South Africa and moved with his family to Swaziland when he was four years old. Subisiso got his first pair of shoes when he was 10 and began going to school when he was 11. He has walked to both North and South Poles, climbed all of the seven summits (including Denali) and several known peaks in the Alps, such as The Matterhorn, Mont Blanc and the Eiger. He also runs marathons and ultra-marathons every year, just to stay in shape. Sibusiso is the author of, 'To The Top From Nowhere,' and lives in South Africa. Topics covered in this episode: · Sibusiso’s upbringing and what lead him to summit Mt. Everest twice. · What it means to be the first black person in the world to summit the highest mountain. · Sibusiso’s Seven Summits and several known peaks in the Alps adventure. · North and South Poles expeditions. · His book 'To the Top from Nowhere' · A Mandela story. To learn more about Sibusiso Vilane and his work, head over to www.sibusisovilane.co.za IG @sibusiso.vilane This episode is supported by LEKI, makers of the world’s best poles since 1948. www.Leki.com & Instagram @lekiusa We hope you enjoyed this episode. Come check us out at www.UnlikelyStoriesPodcast.com & Instagram @UnlikelyStoriesPodcast